March 2015 - Dale Short

2015 Tech & Prospect Expo. Photo by Johnnie Wanger.  See more photos.

2015 Tech & Prospect Expo. Photo by Johnnie Wanger. See more photos.

Spring seemed to come a little late this year, but with the blooming trees, azaleas and more pollen in the air than anyone should have to breathe, it has arrived!  Another herald of Spring is the East Texas Geological Society Tech Expo, and thanks to the hard work of many of our volunteers, we had a really good event.  I appreciate the work of those who gave freely of their time to make things happen.  Thanks also to the sponsors of the Ice Breaker (CGG and Dawson Geophysical) and to the many sponsors of the Expo itself.

Our speakers certainly had contrasting perspectives for their presentations, and created a good deal of thought and discussion, which is what should happen.  Holding any one perspective to tightly and not considering alternatives does not foster the type of dynamic approach we as scientists and businessmen (and women) must have to survive in our boom – bust business.

Part of the dynamic aspect of this business is the opportunity to be a lifetime learner.  During a Face Time discussion with a 30 something year old geologist, I asked him if he still felt like a young geologist.  He thought for a minute and then replied that he did because he still had a lot to learn and he was still interested in the science.  I asked him if he could see what color my hair is (that is what I have left) and he replied that he could see it was mostly white.  I told him that regardless of that, I still felt like a young geologist too – for both the reasons he had given me – I still have a lot to learn and I am still interested!

The speaker for this month’s luncheon, a PhD candidate from Oklahoma State University, will present a new perspective on describing porosity and permeability trends in unconventional carbonate reservoirs.  Beth Vanden Berg is researching relationships between the pore architecture, pore shape, porosity, permeability, acoustic response, facies and sequence stratigraphic framework to try to improve the predictability of key petrophysical properties in the complex reservoirs of the Mid-Continent Mississippian Lime.  The luncheon will start at 11:30 AM, Wednesday, April 15th at the Cascades Country Club.

Regretfully, we are going to have to cancel the crawfish boil that was originally planned for April 18.  Circumstances have occurred that were unforeseen and requires this decision.  It is our hope to reschedule a social event that will hopefully take place next autumn.

On a final note (again), many of you are aware that we continue to have problems with making reservations for our luncheons.  Please email Barbara Cade (I have double checked her email address this time) with your reservations so we can try to get an accurate count for the luncheon.  Barbara’s email is

Dale Short