Special Letter - March 2, 2016 - Dale Short

For the last 99 years, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) has been the gold standard of societies representing the scientific community of petroleum geologists.  Over the course of time, membership in the society has been subject to the review of local societies through the House of Delegates.  Applications for membership have been reviewed by HOD members from the local society, insuring that the standards for membership are met through this review at the local level.  A recent revision of the AAPG Bylaws has changed the intent of that process of application review for membership and has removed it from local control and given that control, by executive action, to the AAPG Executive Committee.

The first petition attached here would reverse that executive action review of new membership applications and put that review back at the local level, that is, in the hands of the local House of Delegates member(s).  The advantage to the proposed Bylaws change that this petition represents helps insure the standards of new membership and maintains the focus for the AAPG as a scientific organization.

The second petition seeks to limit the action of the Executive Committee by defining what constitutes a quorum of HOD members at their meetings.

Both of these petitions are designed to maintain the local control of our Association, and to prevent the Executive Committee from exercising control that could fundamentally change the structure of the AAPG.  I have reviewed these petitions with Rich Adams, our local AAPG Delegate, and both he and I are recommending that ETGS members sign both petitions and submit them per instructions at the bottom of each petition.

Best Regards,

Dale Short

President, East Texas Geological Society