May 2018 - Anita Paulssen

It has been an honor to serve as president of ETGS these past two years.  I have enjoyed getting to know so many of you.  We really have a fun group. 

In this era of disturbing news, it occurred to me that in 30+ years that I have worked in the oil field, I have never had a “#MeToo” moment.  I have often been the only woman on an oil rig, on a field trip, or in a meeting, and I can honestly say I never felt harassed or endangered.  This is not to disparage those that are true victims.  However, I have had the good fortune to work for and with people of integrity.  Others may have had a different experience, but it appears to me that the oil field is a safer place for a woman to work than Hollywood.  Who would have guessed?  Some companies may still hesitate to hire a woman to work out in the field.  My generation benefitted from government pressure on companies to have diversity in the employees they hired.   I recently read in an article in AAPG Explorer that even Saudi Aramco sees the value in diversity.  I am so grateful for the opportunities that I have had in this industry.

It is not too late to sign up for the ETGS Seventh Annual Skeet Shoot this Saturday at Rose City Flying Clays.  See our website for details, fill out the entry form and turn it in as soon as possible.  I have been practicing.  After taking last place last year, I have no place to go but up!  No matter what your score, it is a good time with friends and family.

Our luncheon speaker this month will be Dr. Mike Smith, President of Advanced Hydrocarbon Stratigraphy, May 16th, 11:30am at the Cascades Country Club.  His talk, “Landing and Characterizing  Laterals in the STACK”, will explain how his analysis of cuttings is being successfully applied to pick landing zones in pilot holes, and to characterize the pay distribution and variation in rock properties in laterals.  He will also discuss some Permian and East Texas analysis.  Dr. Smith is clearly an expert in the field with over 30 patents to his name.  Check the details and his bio on our website and don’t forget to RSVP now.  This will be our last luncheon meeting until the September.

It is also not too late to sign up for the AAPG annual convention and expo (ACE 2018) in Salt Lake City, Utah, May 20th-23rd.

I would like to thank the ETGS board of directors that I have had the pleasure of working with these past two years, our administrative assistant Barbara Cade, and our webmaster Rachel McNerney.  They all do an amazing job bringing the activities and programs to our ETGS community.  Watch for your ballots this summer to vote on new officers.  If you would like to volunteer to help, please contact us.  If you have any suggestions for other activities or changes you would like to see in our organization, now is the time to let us know.  Planning will begin over the next few months.

Wishing everyone a wonderful summer,

Best regards,

Anita Paulssen

President, East Texas Geological Society