CD #1 ETGS Field Studies & Publications - $87.50

CD #2 The East Texas Field, 1930-1950 - $55.00

  • This 650-page publication is a complete geological and engineering field book of the East Texas Oil Field. The book was originally published in hard cover by the East Texas Engineering Association and distribution was restricted to members of that organization. This is a joint venture between ETGS and the East Texas Engineering Association. 

CD #3 The Dumble Survey, Volumes 1-13 - $2.50

  • A CD version of the materials found on the Dumble Survey website at . Contains nearly 3,000 pages of material in both HTML and PDF formats. Digitizing work done by the UT Digital Library Services at the General Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin. Materials copyright 2002 by The General Libraries. The CD is designed to be a companion piece to the UT website. 

CD #4 2006 Gas Province Seminar - $30.00

  • The Gulf Coast Mesozoic Sandstone Gas Province Seminar. Papers presented at the November 16, 2006 conference in Tyler, TX. Figures on the CD are in Color, B & W in the book.  Table of Contents


2006 Gas Province Seminar Book - $50.00

2006 Gas Province Seminar Book & CD- $75.00

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Other Publications

Collected East Texas Geology and Hydrology Studies of the Bureau of Economic Geology

  • A compilation of 28 articles on the geology and hydrology of East Texas originally published by the Bureau of Economic Geology, 1 CD-ROM, 2003. COMP 0001, Available at $19.95 through the Texas Bureau of Economic Geology at