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Oklahoma Geological Survey Workshop and Field Trip

The Oklahoma Geological Survey (OGS) is pleased to announce the upcoming event “The Simpson Play (Including parts of the Arbuckle & Viola)” Workshop to be held on Tuesday, October 25th.  Field Trip to be held Wednesday, October 26th and Thursday, October 27, 2016.


  • Raymond Suhm (Ray), Consultant 
  • Jerry Mc Caskill, McEnco, Incorporated
  • James Derby (Jim), Consultant    
  • Jesse Carlucci, Midwestern State University   
  • Kurt Rottmann, Consultant
  • Paul Philp, University of Oklahoma, Geology & Geophysics

This workshop will provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive investigation of the Simpson Group in Oklahoma.  Important discussions will include but not limited to stratigraphy, petroleum sourcing and hydrocarbon potential, rock properties, subsurface mapping, and structure.  Many original maps and cross sections are provided in the Special Publication dedicated to this important group of strata including sandstone, limestone, and dolomite.

The Simpson workshop will be accompanied by a two day field trip October 26th & 27th that will show reservoir architecture and stratigraphic relationships of the Simpson Group including bounding strata.  Field examinations will focus on specific formation, their unique physical and reservoir properties, depositional environments, and relevance to hydrocarbon exploration and water storage capabilities. 

The field trip is designed to last two full days; the first examining mostly outcrops in the Arbuckle Mts. And the second day mostly in quarries near Sulphur and Ada. 
Field trip leaders: Rick Andrews, David Brown and Brittany Pritchett.