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AAPG and Drones

AAPG and Drones -- an event that will result in a concrete project to help you land contracts, jobs, or expanded operations

Attend the AAPG Drone Workshop and Short Course (Nov 30, Dec 1-2 in Houston) and let AAPG launch your new or expanded ventures. Emerge with a project that will help you land contracts and connections.

All attendees will learn how to get started with drone-based mapping, and each attendee will receive his or her own AAPG drone-focused project which can help you build your resume. Use your AAPG project to launch your new line of business and new sources of revenue.  We will also discuss marketing your services.

New Opportunities with Drones

Drones are used in the oil and gas industry from upstream to downstream, and in many other industries. Growth is explosive due to new technologies and new, more drone-friendly FAA regulations.

Welcome to a workshop in which we will bring together experts, equipment providers, robotics experts, and others knowledgeable in a wide range of commercial drone usage, which includes monitoring in the oil industry, digital outcrop surveying, safety and security monitoring, utility inspection, real estate, agriculture, construction, environmental protection, and more.

You will receive 2.0 Continued Education Units (CEUs) and 16 Professional Development Hours (PDHs)

Working with Drone Data 101

Discounts for Young Professionals, Students, and Laid-Off Workers.

Broaden your base with drones. AAPG jump-starts you into new business lines.

Should you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Brown.