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AAPG Basic Wireline Log Interpretation Short Course

Venue: Haliburton
3000 North Sam Houston Parkway E
Houston Texas 77032
United States
(281) 871-4000

Cost: $300

Course Content: This two day class will encompass basic interpretation principles from common wireline logs (GR-SP-RES-NUC). On day one a detailed overview of the tools will be provided with basic tool theory operating principles and logging methods. On day two we will cover Introduction to petrophysical interpretation like determining shaliness, porosity and saturation from the aforementioned measurements. If time permits we will introduce the concept of image logs and its interpretation as well as some application of these interpretations.

Day 1: Monday, Aug. 14th

8AM - 12 AM: Introduction to Wireline Logging : Hamdi Elnahas/Ted Koon
12 PM - 1 PM: Lunch
1PM - 3 PM: Basic Log Analysis- Bhaskar Sarmah & Sandeep Mukherjee

Day 2: Tuesday, Aug. 15th

8AM - 10AM: Basic Log Analysis- Bhaskar Sarmah & Sandeep Mukherjee
10 AM - 12 AM: Basic Image log Interpretation: Sandeep Mukherjee
12 PM - 1 PM: Lunch
1PM - 3 PM: Applications of Petrophysical Analyses: Sandeep Mukherjee & Bhaskar Sarmah