August 2019 - Ernie LaFlure

ETGS Membership,

I hope everyone had some fun times during your summer holidays!  I will detail herein the exciting speakers and events developing for ETGS this fall.

Our first meeting is on Wednesday September 18 at our usual location at the Cascades.  Our speaker will be Bill Ambrose of the BEG discussing “DEPOSITIONAL HISTORY AND STRATIGRAPHIC EVOLUTION OF THE MIDWAY TO CARRIZO SUCCESSION ON THE WESTERN MARGIN OF THE HOUSTON EMBAYMENT, SOUTHEAST TEXAS”.  Our October meeting will have our new AAPG President, Mike Party speaking.  In November, Chris Griffith will present an expanded version of her San Antonio AAPG talk on the Austin Chalk.  More details will be forthcoming on these talks as we get closer to those meetings, suffice it to say that a great slate of speakers is shaping up for the fall.

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May 2019 - Ernie LaFlure

It was great seeing many of you at our 2019 ETGS Skeet Shoot!  We had a good turnout of over 40 participants and we had only a little rain at the start. Thanks to good participation and generous sponsors, we covered expenses and were able to have great door prizes and awards. This event takes a good deal of effort to put on and we want to thank Rich Adams and Dale Short for their efforts in making this such a successful event. The sponsors for this event are critical and very much appreciated. 

We have a great speaker for our May 15 lunch meeting, Dr. Julie M. Bloxson with Stephen F. Austin State University. She will be speaking on one of the major plays in the U.S., “Tectonic Controls on Deposition of the Ordovician Utica/Point Pleasant Play”.  See full details on our website, where you can register.  This will be our last talk and meeting before our summer recess, so please try to attend.  Prior to kicking off our fall meetings in September, we are starting to plan a social event, so be on the lookout for that in the summer.

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April 2019 - Ernie LaFlure

It was great seeing many of you at our 2019 ETGS Prospect & Tech Expo!  We had a strong turn out and combined with our generous sponsors, it is looking like we covered expenses. Our two presentations were excellent and had some great in depth technical discussions for those interested in the Haynesville and Eagle Ford plays.   Events like this take a good deal of effort to put on and we want to thank all our volunteers and sponsors for their efforts to make this event successful.  We especially want to thank the extra effort of Matt Bailey, Barbara Cade, Robert Reese and Rusty Jackson.  This is Matt’s ninth year organizing the event!  We also had a very good icebreaker turn out the evening before.  Thanks goes to Carl Gray in organizing the event and sponsors. 

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