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Geosteering: Best Practices, Pitfalls & Applied Solutions

For a deeper, broader dive into Geosteering, to address questions and suspicions, or learn it correctly from the start, BHL's Raymond Woodward is presenting a two-day course, May 17-18th, under auspices of the petroleum industry's premier training-consulting company, Subsurface Consultants & Associates.  This full 2 day course is more comprehensive than what is normally available. 

This course titled "Geosteering: Best Practices, Pitfalls & Applied Solutions"  delivers intermediate-level review of the topics that frequently impact the geosteering effort, including best practices that account for common sources of difficulty. Geosteering occurs in the interface between Exploration-Development Geology and Drilling Engineering, and then has large impacts on Completion Engineering and Production.  So topics include concepts, technology, and operational realities that exist across those disciplinary boundaries, with major emphasis on geosteering terminology, technology, concepts and best practices. 

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