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Mike Smith

Landing and Characterizing STACK Laterals using AHS’s RVStrat(sm)

11:30 AM Wednesday, May 16, 2018
at the Cascades
4511 Briarwood Road
Tyler, TX 75709

Cost: $20


Mike Smith 

Designed/Built/Programmed All 3 Labs in the World that Use Fluid Inclusion Volatiles and Rock Volatiles for E&P: 

  • Amoco Research FIS Lab 1985-1994: 

    • Outsourced to FIT 1997. 

    • Sold to Schlumberger 2015. 

    • Qualitative MS Analyses 

  • First AHS Lab 1994-today: 

    • Sold to Exxon Research 1999, 

    • Mike still consults as needed. 

    • Qualitative MS Analyses 

  • Current AHS Lab 2000-2018: 
    • Unparalleled Capabilities 
    • Anywhere in the World. 
    • Cryo-Trap MS Analyses 

Inventions Include:

  • S(oil) Permeability, & Frackability from cuttings 
  • Multi-Aliquot Cryo-Trap MS System 
  • FIS: Fluid Inclusion Stratigraphy 
  • First Mass Spectrometer System for 
  • Single Fluid Inclusion Analyses 
  • First Mass Spectrometer System for 
  • Wellsite Analyses of Drilling Mud Volatiles 
  • Volatiles Concentrating Syringe for Mud 
  • Optical Microscope Heating/Freezing Method to Determine API Gravity of Oil Inclusions 
  • Electron Microprobe focused-beam technique for fine scale microanalyses of Carbonates 
  • XRF technique for rapid determination of 
  • micro and macro porosity 

BA Geology, Rutgers College, 1977
PhD Geology and Geophysics, U. of Hawaii 1981
Research Associate, University of Tulsa 1981-1984
AMOCO Research, Research Scientist 1984-1994
AMOCO Exploration UK, London 1993-1994
Founded AHS 1994
Sold AHS to ExxonMobil 1999
ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co. Consultant 1999-2009
“Refounded” AHS 2010
Volunteer for Boy Scouts 1995-now

  • 20 Eagle Mentor Pins
  • Silver Beaver Award 
  • United Methodist Church’s Cross & Flame Award 

35 Years Fluid Inclusion Volatiles, Mud Volatiles, & Rock Pore Volatiles R&D 

30 Patents, US & Foreign 


Click to download the PDF of the Abstract.