May 2015 - Dale Short

The 2014 – 2015 season of the East Texas Geological Society will be drawing to a close with our monthly luncheon at the Cascades Country Club on Wednesday, May 20th.  I’d like to thank all of those who have attended throughout my term as President and hope to see you again next year when I will serve another term, unless somebody would like to impeach, supersede, overthrow, or otherwise replace me.  It has been an honor to serve as President and a lot of fun too!

We’ve had quite a year!  I hope you have enjoyed the speakers as much as I have.  We now have a new website, and if you haven’t checked it out, I’d encourage you to do so.  To make your reservation for lunch, go to the Calendar tab, and click on the date of the luncheon (May 20), click on the RSVP button and make your reservation.  We’ll see how well it works, but I’ll bet if you do your part, the website will do its part.

Other events we’ve had have all gone off without a hitch.  The golf tournament, the Expo and the skeet shoot all seem to have been big successes, and even though we had to postpone our spring social event, we are bound and determined to make that a part of our regular activities.  None of these things would have happened though had it not been for those who graciously gave of their time and effort.  I can’t say enough how much I appreciate them, so for those of you who give of yourselves for the society, THANK YOU!

With summer approaching, lots of us will be thinking about vacations.  Trips to the beach or the mountains or opportunities for high adventure or maybe foreign travel will be on the agenda for many of us.  That’s great, but what I have planned for the final luncheon may give you some new ideas about what to do on vacation, while keeping your profession in mind.  Most of us got into geology because we love the science and can always find new things to learn about.  So, my thought was to provide you with some alternative ideas for that summer vacation.  The virtual tour of the Grand Canyon that the AAPG made available to us last month was the teaser and the May luncheon will be the culmination of a plan I’ve been working on with others for the last couple of months.  It should be lite, fun and entertaining and I hope to see you there.             

Best Regards,

Dale Short

President, East Texas Geological Society