September 2016 - Anita Paulssen

September is here, but where is the cooler weather? I am sure it is around the corner. Speaking of heat, unlike our crazy national election, the ETGS board is running smoothly. Thanks to a dedicated group of seasoned volunteers ready to continue their duties and two new members, Jared Morris and Nathan Spencer,  who are bringing in some fresh ideas.  These new members will be taking a poll to gauge the interest in these ideas at our September meeting, so be sure to attend:  Cascades Country Club, September 28th at 11:30 AM. Don’t forget to RSVP by going to our website,, click on the Calendar page, go to September 28, and click on the luncheon. That will take you to a description of the talk (Blaine Hall presenting “Geology at the Crossroads, Big Bend Ranch State Park”) and an RSVP link to complete your registration.

Our next social event on the calendar is the golf tournament. Nick Pollard always does a wonderful job with this event. Mark your calendar for October 10th. We will have more information coming soon on the website. Matt Bailey is planning and coordinating our Tech Expo this spring set for March 27th and 28th. Lastly, Rich Adams will again organize our Skeet Shoot set for May 6th. We really appreciate these dedicated members for doing such a great job on our annual events and generously giving of their time.

I am looking forward to GCAGS next week. Last time I went to GCAGS was nearly 30 years ago when I was working offshore. Wow, that was a long time ago; I can’t be that old! I am hoping to see some long lost friends and some of you all there.

The recipient of our $6,000 dollar SFA master’s program scholarship is Jensen Angelloz. He is president of the SFA AAPG Student Chapter, and doing a tremendous job. Additionally, ETGS helped with expenses for nine of their members to attend the AAPG student expo in September. The students plan to coordinate with our ETGS members to help with fundraising at some of our events. We look forward to having the energy and enthusiasm of these young people.

Check out our new Facebook page at Jared Morris has coordinated with our webmaster Rachel Hill to bring this new social media site to life. Speaking of social media, for those of you who use LinkedIn, there is an ETGS group there as well.

Hope to see you all at the luncheon on Wednesday, September 28th.

All the best,

Anita Paulssen

President, East Texas Geological Society