February 2017 - Anita Paulssen

Have you ever felt as though your life consisted of a lot of carefully balanced spinning plates?  You have family plates, work plates, volunteer plates and just when everything seems in balance, you get hit with a bad virus.  You try to catch the plates before they fall but some inevitably get by you.  One that got by me was our first social this year at Rose City Draft House.  I was sorry to miss it, but reports are that it was a good time with plenty of food.  Thanks, Hunter Carr, for organizing; I am looking forward to the next one.

Sequence stratigraphy month is here!  We are so lucky to have two amazing experts coming our way to teach us more about this powerful tool.  The first is Dr. John Suter, who will be our luncheon speaker this month.  He has more than 30 years of domestic and international experience.  Currently a consulting geologist in Houston, Dr. Suter has worked for Exxon Production Research and ConocoPhillips.  He has published numerous papers, and taught a variety of courses and workshops.  He has received multiple awards and is an AAPG distinguished lecturer.  He will present “Variations on a Theme—Latitudinal Impacts on Sequence Stratigraphy”. Check it out on the calendar for more detailsBe sure to note that our luncheon has been moved to Wednesday, Feb. 8th, same time and place, 11:30 at the Cascades Country Club, because of NAPE.

Please note also - we have an RSVP problem.  Too many of us are sending in our RSPV the week of the meeting. (I am guilty of this.) We discovered the Cascades have to order the food the week before.  This was a problem last month, so please try to remember to RSVP by the Thursday before the meeting if you can.  A few last minute RSVPs are OK, don’t skip the meeting if you miss the deadline, but if you know you are coming - RSVP now!

Our one-day Sequence Stratigraphy school, taught by Dr. Kim Miskell-Gerhardt, is on February 23rd.  It will be held in the same room as our luncheon meetings at the Cascades Country Club, 8:30-4:30.  Don’t forget to sign up through our website before Feb. 11, or it will cost you an extra $25 for late registration.  Dr. Miskell-Gerhardt also brings a wealth of experience in industry (mining and petroleum) and research.  She is a consulting geologist in Durango, Co., previously with Exxon Production Research also, and Kerr McGee.   Check out the course outline on our website.  I am very interested to see how she applies this tool to source prediction and shale plays.  BONUS:  You can apply 7 hrs of CE credits for this course toward the Texas Professional Geoscience Licensing requirements.

Thanks to the many years of financial success of our Golf Tournaments, we have been able to add $30,000.00 to our scholarship endowment.   Thanks, Nick Pollard, for all your years of hard work; lots of kids will benefit.

Our annual Tech and Prospect Expo will be March 27th and 28th.  You can find information and sign up on our website, and contact Matthew Bailey, matt@bhlboresight.com, or Barbara Cade, bacade@suddenlinkmail.com, if you are interested in a booth or have any questions.

Finally, don’t forget to sign up for the AAPG Annual Convention, April 2-5.

Best regards,

Anita Paulssen

President, East Texas Geological Society