January 2019 - Ernie LaFlure

ETGS Membership,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season!  Now we venture forward into 2019 and one of the few things we can be certain off is that it will be another roller coaster year in the oil patch.  In the midst of this uncertainty, it is valuable to reflect on the timeless value our Society brings to help us in these times. The greatest technology and business innovations often come in times of challenge and our Society offers the opportunity to share the ideas that may spark those ideas for you.  Additionally, networking with your peers is always valuable but especially so when the business climate is difficult.  Perhaps most valuable of all, our great membership combined with fun events make our journey enjoyable and worthwhile.

We have a great talk for this month’s luncheon.  Our meeting will be on Wednesday January 16th, at 11:30 AM at the Cascades Golf and Country Club.  Our talk is “In the age of Permian & MidCon Dominance, Can Eagle Ford Reign Supreme Again?” The authors are Richard Ball and Sean Kimiagar; their bios are available on our website.

Please remind your companies and business associates about sponsoring ETGS as a corporate friend of the Society for 2019.  Recognition will appear on our website as well as on small table signs at our meetings.  Corporate gifts greater than $100 are recognized.  A convenient donation link is available on our website.  

Happy New Year!

Ernie LaFlure

January 2, 2019