August 2019 - Ernie LaFlure

ETGS Membership,

I hope everyone had some fun times during your summer holidays!  I will detail herein the exciting speakers and events developing for ETGS this fall.

Our first meeting is on Wednesday September 18 at our usual location at the Cascades.  Our speaker will be Bill Ambrose of the BEG discussing “DEPOSITIONAL HISTORY AND STRATIGRAPHIC EVOLUTION OF THE MIDWAY TO CARRIZO SUCCESSION ON THE WESTERN MARGIN OF THE HOUSTON EMBAYMENT, SOUTHEAST TEXAS”.  Our October meeting will have our new AAPG President, Mike Party speaking.  In November, Chris Griffith will present an expanded version of her San Antonio AAPG talk on the Austin Chalk.  More details will be forthcoming on these talks as we get closer to those meetings, suffice it to say that a great slate of speakers is shaping up for the fall.

Our popular Annual Golf Tournament will be headlining the big fun event for the Fall.  Nick Pollard will be organizing the event again this year and it is scheduled for Monday, October 7.

We are also beginning work on a Society educational project for local schools and the public to increase awareness of geology and our industry.  The event will be hosted at the East Texas Oil Museum at Kilgore College.  We are working on interesting core displays from the East Texas Oil Field that will be contributed by the BEG.  SFA will be helping as well, with a possible paleo display.  We are seeking Society volunteers to assist during the event that is scheduled for 1/4/2020-2/15/2020. We will have a signup sheet at our next meeting if you are interested. If you have any ideas for interesting historical geologic displays from the East Texas Oil Field, please let us know.  We have cores selected but otherwise we are very early in the planning for this large event.

Finally, as we have mentioned previously, the GCAGS convention is being rebranded this year to “GeoGULF” and hopefully this will make the convention clearer to those not familiar with GCAGS.  Sponsors are still being sought and consider marking your calendars to attend the Oct 23-25, 2019 Convention in Houston.   

Ernie LaFlure

August 20, 2019